The Revolutionary Open Concept Lifestyle Store for Pets

Lifestyle hub where furkids can socialise, play, and be pampered.

Our open concept full transparent grooming room allows you to see exactly how our professional groomers handle furkids with care during bath and finishing the grooming session by styling them to look the best.

Pet owners can chill out at our lounge area on mezzanine floor while waiting for them or simply just bring your furkids over for a cup of coffee anytime.

Pups & Play aims to give pet owners peace of mind. The open concept full transparent glass grooming room enables you can see the entire grooming process while furkids can immediately indulge in spa after a long play with the other furry friends in the store.

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Playground for Furkids & Peace of Mind for Pet Owners

Pups & Play is more than just a mere pet salon; it’s a lifestyle hub for furkids and hoomans:

  1. Playdates don’t always have to be at the outdoor park. They can enjoy lifestyle experience indoor with us and their play mates too.
  2. Full transparent grooming room allows you to see what is happening in the grooming room. There is nothing better that knowing our precious ones are in the right hand during their grooming session.
  3. You can chill at the lounge area while waiting for the furkids to be groomed or just simply bring them along for an afternoon tea to socialise with other furry friends.
  4. Park your furkids in our store for a few hours while you run errand or dine at Plaza Arkadia so they can have fun with their furry friends so you too can dine-in normal restaurants there without having to be seat outdoor under hot weather (most restaurants only allow pets outdoor)


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference of Basic Grooming & Full Grooming?

Basic Groom (estimated time 60-90mins depending on coat condition)
• Trim & grind nails
• Clean ears & pluck ear fur
• Shave sanitary & belly area
• Trim fur around eyes
• Shower
• Blow Dry

Full Groom (estimated time 2-3 hours depending on coat condition & styling requirement)
All included in Basic Groom with fur scissoring & styling

Malaysia is a humid country, for best practice hygiene routine ~ dogs should do Basic Groom once a week or at least once every 10 days to ensure their skin, ears & nails are well taken care and look the best with proper bath & fluff technique for their skin to be cleaned & coat brushed to avoid matts. The ultimate goal with proper hygiene routine, can reduce any possible causes of skin irritation caused by environmental hygiene issue.

Full Grooming only required once every 1 – 2 months depend on pet’s breed, style & their coat type. Do bring along a sample style photo to discuss with our groomer for your pet’s preferred style.

Our store opening hour is 10am – 7pm. Closed on every Tuesday.

Our store is only open at 10am and the last pick-up time is 7pm. You must pick them up before 7pm as there will be nobody in the store after 7pm.

We will let know the grooming price and also the estimated time that the grooming session will end when you check in your pet.

Do ensure to pick up your pet within 1 hour once we inform you that your pet is ready to be picked up. Late pick-up will be charged as Day Care service.

Yes, you may send in your dog for day care or “pet parking” service anytime between 10am – 6pm. Please make an appointment online, Whatsapp or call us before sending them over to ensure we have the capacity to accept them. Do ensure to pick them up before 7pm.

You are strongly encouraged to make an appointment online to avoid disappointment as we have limited slots allocation.However, walk-in is accepted subject to availability.

No. We do not have pet boarding service.

For first time customers, we will evaluate your dog’s temperament before accepting them. For Day Care service, our staff will evaluate them to ensure they can get along well with our staff and other dogs in the store. We may not be able to accept your dog is there are signs below:

  1. Aggression to humans or other dogs
  2. Infested with parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, mange etc…
  3. Uncontrollable hyperactive behavior towards human or other dogs
  4. Unvaccinated dogs or senior dogs above 10 years old
  5. Severe health issues such as blind, deaf, paralysed, etc…

Yes, they will be able to roam free entire play area and we will allocate nap time for the to take some rest in the middle of the day

Each dog has different sensitivity towards new food hence please bring along their food and let us know the timing to feed them if you wish us to feed them during day care.

Yes, you may contact us at 012-9059918 to make an appointment as alternative

Yes, you may call or Whatsapp us at 012-9059918 to make the changes

Grooming service is applicable for all dogs of all sizes. However, day care service only applicable for small to medium size dogs as we want to provide best experience to all furkids and our store do not have enough capacity for large breed dogs to roam freely.

Grooming price is depend on pet’s size & coat type. Please refer below price list for your reference. Groomer will evaluation & confirm the grooming price before start the process to ensure no extra charge. If you are not agreeable with the price, full deposit will be refunded.

Pups & Play

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